Our story

Girardini Srl was founded in the 1940s as a small artisan company. It was founded by Gaetano Girardini as a “forge” producing agricultural equipment and today it is managed by his three children, Attilio, Mirella and Elena.

In the 1960s, production gradually shifted away from hot moulding towards cold moulding and the manufacturing of moulds. The company grew continually and gradually, expanding its production area and fleet, and increasing the number of its employees.

In 2000, it acquired a strategic powder coating supplier and adopted this new technology, to the point that they then built a new and modern plant specifically for painting.

In 2004, the company broke through national borders and established the company, Italmetal sp.z. o o in Poland.

The extended “tool department” was recently inaugurated as was the new department specialising in the assembly of components.

Thanks to its continuous evolution, Girardini srl, led by the founder’s three children, is a company capable of providing the entire production process, from the design and construction of moulds to the painting and assembly of the printed piece.

Our customers operate in different industries, from the car industry to household appliances.
Technological innovation, but above all human resources where we have always invested, is what we provide best for our customers.

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Offer our customers the best possible service so we can fully satisfy them. Over the years, pursuit of this goal has seen us increase the level of our technology and invest in people to improve our technical knowledge. We have also wanted to structure ourselves in order to better manage a network of reliable suppliers to complete and improve the service we provide our customers with. We will continue to pursue this strategy in the future in order to satisfy our customers by continuously investing in our processes and people and trying to expand and improve our supplier base. We want to be considered reliable and competent partners for the key players in this industry.