Die design and manufacturing

Long and extensive know-how lies at the base of maximum precision and professionality with which metal forming dies are produced in Girardini Srl, for customers and for our own presses.

From 3D modelling to construction, every step in die manufacturing process is the expression of a marked potential: designers’ and engineers’ talent and experience unfold in customer-oriented goals through advanced technologies.
We conduct feasibility studies in order to get detailed analysis of the characteristics, admitted tolerances, environment of application and mechanic performances that a stamped component must have according to any production need.

Girardini Srl counts on a complete tool room, a fully equipped department for the manufacturing and the maintenance of progressive, transfer or hand dies, with electric-welded or cast iron base. We can work on components measuring up to big dimensions thanks to the range of our equipment, such as milling and grinding machines: the latter allows to rough-cut, grind and finish even single die components on request.

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