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Suspected Hacker Attack on Girardini Holding Systems

In recent days, the presence of a claim has been reported on the dark web by a self-proclaimed hacker group, alleging that they have breached the systems of Girardini Holding and stolen company data. However, all checks and verifications conducted through internal procedures have yielded negative results, and at this time, there is no evidence that any data has been stolen from our systems. Furthermore, the company has not received any requests from external parties.

Girardini Holding has always been very vigilant about the protection of its computer systems, both to safeguard the company’s information assets and its customers’ data. The company has implemented adequate and up-to-date measures, techniques, and organizational strategies to effectively address the risks posed by cyberspace.

Our company

We are an Italian company that has specialised in the design and manufacture of moulds, cold forming and powder coating for the production of sheet metal technical components for the last 60 years.

Our customers operate in different industries, from the car industry to household appliances.

Technological innovation, but above all human resources where we have always invested, is what we provide best for our customers.

Quality not by chance

In the 60 years of experience in our industry, we have remained focused on the production process and excellent product quality by adopting the principles established in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001:2018 and IATF 16949:2016 standards for Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems


Girardini has patented Lokibase

Lokibase is an anti-seismic device patented by Girardini Srl. Its main applications refer to the insulation of shelving or other structures against undulating earthquake movement. Girardini is equipped with a seismic simulator, built internally and suitable for testing the applications and performances of Lokibase.

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Girardini has patented Lokibase